Fair + Square’s minimal cardboard packaging is fully recyclable.

Liquid soaps can use up to 20 times more packaging than our humble little bars. Make the switch, and say bye-bye to the bucket-load of extra plastic cluttering up your shower and the planet.

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All Natural

Made by hand, with no chemical nasties.

We make our soaps the old-fashioned way; by hand, using all-natural ingredients. By keeping our distance from chemicals and synthetic fragrances, we’re making sure our soaps are good for your body and for the planet.

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Low Carbon Footprint

With Fair + Square, you can keep your carbon footprint closer to a size zero.

Our CarbonClick carbon offset tool helps neutralise the carbon emissions that could come from your purchase with us. So making a better choice for the planet is as easy as a single click at the checkout.

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Not sure which bar is best to start your Fair + Square journey? Try some of our most loved bars with the sample box.

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100% Natural Ingredients
100% Pure
Essential Oils
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100% Vegan
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